MJ Local Artist


MJ is a local artist from Louisville and predominantly known in the Highlands. Her sketches, paintings, Claymation videos, stitching, guitar, and singing skills are all so impressive I wanted to do a post about why I was inspired by them.

MJ’s aesthetic is taken to the extreme and is very raw. Anatomically correct stitching of a human heart on her pocket, eyeball rings, and gun earrings. Her eyebrows have been drawn in pink and her pixie hair cut gives her a melancholy and edgy vibe. She manages to soften this into a very feminine and attractive style. Her personality ties it all together and she is very open which is why so many artist want to collaborate and work with her.

Getting to know MJ and her insanely funny sense of humor gave me the chance to learn that she was also incredibly intelligent. Her skills as a musician show that she picks up on things incredibly fast and can execute them extremely well. Her soprano voice is very developed and could open her to be a main vocalist as well as a backup because she can harmonize like an angel.

Her Claymation videos have drawn the attention of Cage the Elephant, Portugal. The Man, The Districts, Second Street Bridge, and Twin Peaks. It has a vintage feel to it while keeping it interesting with simple plots.

The pictures below are some that I want to add to my inspo page because she has done all of her work by the age of 16. Her talents are great by themselves but putting these all together into one artist is pretty crazy. Her Instagram is @schizophrenic.whale if you ever want to get ahold of her or are interested in getting a piece of her art for yourself.


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