Bonnaroo Tips


Music festivals are amazing experiences to get if you can manage to get there! Thinking back on my Bonnaroo trip I thought I would make a list of tips to follow to make Roo as easy going as possible.

  1. Body glitter is cute but SO annoying

Music Festival? That does not mean to shower in glitter ( eco-friendly of course because glitter is bad for the environment!). I painted my chest and face with the body glue and poured it on the first day, and by the end I was trying to scrub and peel it off. In 98 degree weather in Tennessee with nowhere to escape inside, glitter can irritate your skin with the sweat and make you feel even more gross than you already did from not showering every night after a long sweaty day.

  1. Speaking of showers

Showers are 10 dollars and the lines are long, and I mean long. Bring body wash, shampoo, and baby wipes. You can pour water over your hair and wash it in the campsite. Body wash is great for the mushroom fountain. The mushroom fountain is like a water park and it is a God send after a day at Roo. Use it to wash off, no one will think anything of it because everyone else is doing the same thing. For the every five-minute sweating clean up with those baby wipes!

  1. Hair tips

Braids are amazing. I never once braided my hair, but I was jealous every time I saw girls with their super cute French braids without hair sticking to their chest and face. Also, let’s be real your hair will be greasy after an hour of sweating and braids will still be poppin’ after that. I did space buns all week and that also worked really well.

  1. Smell…

Please, for you and everyone else, use deodorant religiously. It won’t make you smell like a straight flower all day like the ad says but it truly is better than nothing. The smelly guy your stuck next to in the packed crowd where everyone is shoulder to shoulder… don’t be that guy.

  1. Wristbands

Your ticket into Roo is a wristband that also scans. Before you leave for Bonnaroo set up your wristband to connect with your debit card! It is so much easier than carrying around large amounts of money in your state farm fanny pack.


The state farm set up is a life saver. They have a whole wall of chargers for multiple kinds of phones, air conditioning, a tv of the current show preforming, bandannas for adoptable dogs, and fanny packs! I carried everything in my fanny pack and have a new deep appreciation for state farm.

  1. The Jesus Tent

The Jesus Tent gives out free coffee and donuts every morning. They do center the whole thing around Christianity obviously, but they don’t shove the bible down your throat. I went there grabbed some food and a goody bag with toiletries and got nothing but smiles.

  1. Chargers?

Bring a solar charger. If you can invest in anything invest in this. You won’t want to idle your car not only because it’s a lot of pollution, but it wastes gas and isn’t good for your car anyways.

  1. Baby wipes, baby wipes, baby wipes

Just bring them, a lot of them. Clean spills, your hands, body. The more sanitary we can make Roo the better.

  1. Who stage, This stage, That stage- Yes, those are really the names of the different stages

So there are stages and tents where the shows are held. You go into Centeroo and there is the Who, What, When, and Where stage. There is also the This, That, and The Other tents. Use the maps they give you! The tents are set up in a triangle on the farm. The map will become your best friend.

  1. Crowds

This whole festival is about being kind. I was holding onto my friend’s backpack as we traveled through the crowd at Flume. No elbows, no dirty looks, nothing. The crowds at Roo are much different from local shows. One girl even tried to give us half of her joint and push us further up! People are kind so give that in return, yet again don’t be that guy, try to make everyone’s experience their best and good karma will come!

  1. WATER

Drink water! That sounds obvious but when you are caught up in all that Bonnaroo has to offer its hard to remember, but with the heat and being outside all day you want to stay hydrated to you get to do everything you wanted to do while your there! You only get to be there a couple days out of the whole year. Don’t be down for the count by the second day, drink water!

  1. Shoes

Your converse will rub, flip flops will break. Wear comfortable supportive shoes. I’m not saying break out your white orthopedic shoes your grandmother wears at a fashion forward festival, but you won’t focus on the music or opportunities if your feet are bleeding. Chacos are a 10/10 I wore them everyday and they were amazing.

  1. Car check

Yes, there is a veryyy thorough car check before you go into Roo. Body/ waistband anything you don’t want found. Not saying I brought anything not wanted… just saying a girls gotta do what shes gotta do. They make rules for your safety keep that in mind while you are packing.

  1. Phone?

Your phone will get service every so often, but not much. I took a polaroid to reassure getting pictures. Coming from someone who will always have my phone on me, it genuinely was a nice break to not be accessible 24/7 by anyone. Live in Bonnaroo, leave your worries at home.

  1. Radiate positivity

This is the motto to Bonnaroo! High five people going into Centeroo and on high five Friday, smile at people, talk to everyone, be kind. You will meet some really cool people.

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